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founderfood logo with company slogan TY from founderfood and friends!



founderfood logo with company slogan TY from founderfood and friends!

founderfood FAQ

What makes founderfood different?

We form close relationships with our restaurant partners relying on email, text, and phone calls to relay important details as opposed to relying on automation which often leads to critical breakdowns and poor service. It's embarrassing at the least when company lunch is late and at worst co-workers and leadership are disrupted and angry. We follow every delivery via our delivery specialists and partners from start to finish until the service is finished. founderfood offers you central source to handle every detail saving you hours of back and forth so you can focus on your daily responsibilities. #truepartnerships

Are you reachable at all times?

Yes! You may contact our founder John Moraski and Ops Director Randeep Singh via phone, text, and email at any time. During catering delivery we are immediately reachable attend to all requests. #alwaysON

Will you create a custom daily plan for my company?

We will book your lunches in advance per your preference. Some customers prefer to order weekly or monthly service. Once we build your plan and establish your favorite menus setting up service is as simple as sending an email/text or placing a call. #recurringservice

Who handles delivery and setup?

founderfood has in-house delivery specialists who are fully trained and we do not rely on third parties. We invested in our team members from our inception pay 2x+ market wages resulting the most reliable delivery operations. For companies who require premium daily service we can provide a single courier who you'll know and trust. #teamwork

Do you also handle events?

founderfood provides a full solution for events handling every detail from the food to the desired setup. We provide all aspects including your choice of equipment tents, tables, entertainment, plate wear, food, and more. We'll setup every request and work closely with you to ensure you event is a huge success. #events

Are there any restrictions?

Typically no! founderfood has broad partnerships and can provide a solution for any need or set of circumstances. We are happy to source any food you request including vendors outside ecosystem. 


How do you choose your food vendors? 

founderfood seeks to work with the most passionate food creators in the industry. We rely on our 10+ years of experience and tight relations to learn about our partners brand, food sourcing, and value proposition. We care deeply that properly represent the brands we deliver so we rely on them for guidance.

founderfood logo with company slogan TY from founderfood and friends!
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